My Experience with Allergy Shots

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One of the many treatments I tried to control my eczema and allergies was allergy shots. My allergist said that he had seen improvement in some patients with eczema, and since I have severe seasonal allergies too it was worth a shot. (Ha! No pun intended, I swear)

Allergy Shots Didn’t Work For Me

For three long years I obediently got my shots, but in the end it really didn’t seem to help. I still had my eczema and I still have my allergies. I got 2 shots each time for environmental allergens and dog. I honestly can’t tell if my normal allergies improved from before I got the shots, as I still have pretty severe seasonal and environmental allergies.

Allergy shots are a huge commitment, both time and money-wise. In the beginning I had to go twice a week, then it was gradually reduced. I had to leave work early, since my allergist was open strictly during business hours. Also each shot cost around $30 with my insurance, and increased as the dosage increased.

Would I do it again?

If I had to go back, I still think I would do them again.

Allergy shots work for most people who stick with them. After 3 years, my doctor said that if I hadn’t had any¬†improvement then I could stop. However, I’ll never know if they would have worked if I had gone the full 5 years like some suggest. I’ve known many people that allergy shots have worked for and the effects have lasted many years.

I definitely think they are worth considering, especially if you have severe environmental allergies.


What was your experience with allergy shots? Did they work for you?

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