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I’m a huge fan of cruises. You get to visit a ton of different cities in one trip, and you don’t have to think about all of the logistics. I’m an even bigger fan because for me a cruise has been the safest way to travel with food allergies.

I have traveled on two cruises with my family, both with Princess Cruises, and they were exceptional when it came to food allergies. In addition to my own tree nut and shellfish allergies, my Mom has severe food allergies.

First Cruise

The first cruise was in the Mediterranean. It was absolutely wonderful and beautiful.

For dinner our family (13 of us!) was assigned a specific table in the dining room for the entire cruise so that we had the same waiters, who learned about our allergies. The head waiter discussed all dietary needs with my family ahead of time. He went over every dish we were interested in every night. He personally oversaw any changes that needed to be done to a dish. Since I am allergic to tree nuts, the head waiter personally made my dessert every night in a separate kitchen to avoid cross contamination. I was told not to eat any dessert on the ship that he did not prepare himself.

One thing to note is that the first day/night on the ship was difficult. They were not prepared to handle food allergies or special preparations the first day, so our options were very limited. I would suggest bringing snacks to eat the first day just in case. Once we were able to talk with the head waiter and we made permanent seating arrangements, everything went smoothly.

We were also told to avoid the buffets. For breakfast and lunch we were seated in the same general area, where the waiters could get to know us.

Even if we were told they could not accommodate a dish safely, we were always offered alternatives. They were very serious about all food allergies and I felt very safe the entire time.

Second Cruise

The second cruise, around the British Isles, was pretty similar. They were not quite as attentive as on our first one, but I still felt very safe. We were still given the same table every day, with the same familiar waiters. Desserts were more limited for me, but I am used to that!


The cruise ships had an on board medical facility and doctor on duty, which made me feel very safe. Of course I always carried around my autoinjector (Auvi-Q at the time).

If you are someone who is very allergic to many foods or you do not want to deal with too much hassle while traveling, then a cruise might be the best solution for you.

Have you been on a cruise with food allergies? How did it work out?

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