5 Ways to Stop an Eczema Flare Up

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You can’t stop scratching. Your skin is red and feels like its on fire. Its starting to bleed, but still you just can’t stop.

If you have eczema you know how this feels. You’re having an eczema flare. You want to stop scratching, but scratching feels better than leaving your skin alone.


Here are 5 of my best tips for stopping an eczema flare.


1.Stop scratching

Stop the itch-scratch cycle. Breathe. This is easier said than done, but pausing for a even a second can help.

2.Distract yourself

Try to distract yourself. I find playing a game on my iPad helps, especially something that is timed and requires my attention.


Put on your normal creams or topical steroids. I prefer the standard over the counter 1% cortisone cream. The cream is moisturizing and you are not overdoing it with topical steroids.

4.Cool down

Eczema can make you feel HOT. If you can, find a fan, step outside, stick your head in front of the freezer, or run cool water over the area. This can calm your skin down enough to stop the flare.

5.Wash it all off

If all else fails, take a cool shower or bath. Sometimes you just have to start over. There can be some allergen on your skin that just needs to be washed off. Washing your skin and putting on your normal creams can reset your skin and make the flare stop. Then put on some nice cotton clothing and relax.


What are your best tips for stopping an eczema flare up?

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